Farm to Centro

Today I headed back to Bologna Centro after my last day as a resident WWOOFer at Dulcamara (I’ll continue working there occasionally but will commute from home). The transition from farm to city hit abruptly as I found myself walking from the bus stop to my apartment at the start of appertivo hour on a Saturday night still with mud around my pant cuffs and my work boots dangling from my backpack. I stopped inside for a minute to swap the muddy pants for a pair of jeans and headed right back out in search of food.

Culture shock hit again as I ventured into Centro and was met with a street fair in celebration of the passing of the Mille Miglia through Bologna. The Mille Miglia is a parade of cars from Brescia to Rome and back, commemorating the historic 1000 mile car race of the same name that took place between 1927 and 1957.


I made it out in time to see some of the cars passing through Piazza Maggiore, as well as a group of protestors that blocked the parade in front of Piazza Nettuno (I believe the protest was related to the recent bombing in Brindisi).

And, I had no problem finding food! The street fair was filled with vendors selling all sorts of good eats. I made myself a feast at a Sicilian pastry stand, i sapori di Sicilia, trying an assortment of biscotti (cookies) and a bread filled with spinach and cheese.