Luke may be more like my dad than I thought. After 4 hours at Ikea, this is what he wanted to do… And then the next morning, I found him with 3 computers.… Continue reading

New home sweet home

We’ve been keeping quiet about this in fear of jinxing it, but I think it’s safe to break the silence… WE FOUND AN APARTMENT! We signed the lease today and start moving in… Continue reading

Irish Step Dancing with IWF

April International Women’s Forum General meeting with talk and dance lesson from Irish dancer Breandan de Gallai. His latest performance piece, NOCTU, which ran off-broadway in NYC, focused on the contemporization of Irish… Continue reading

Festa della Liberazione

Today was a national holiday in Italy, Liberation Day, which commemorates the liberation of Italy during WWII. We ventured out into the city to see how Bologna was celebrating. We found picnics in… Continue reading

Peanut butter spotting

One of the things that can be hard to find in Italy is peanut butter. Spotted some today at Scaramagli (Strada Maggiore 31) along with a few other American imports like taco mix… Continue reading

Smurfs on Skates

Look what we came across during the expo for StraBologna (an annual event in BO aimed at promoting athletics). Smurfs on skates, belly dancers, and more! We’ll be running the 6.5km tomorrow.

Caffè nel Giardini

Sunday morning stroll and caffè in Giardini Margherita


Gelateria #3 for us! There are at least two more in Bologna that people rave about that we need to try. People here have strong opinions about which gelateria is best and they… Continue reading

Spring Snow in Giardini Margherita

Came across what looked like spring snow on an afternoon jog in Giardini Margherita today. It’s the cotton-like fuzz that floats in the air in spring, which I think is pollen. I also… Continue reading

Moka Express

Could be some caffeine-induced trouble ahead!  We now know how to operate a Moka express!