Spiaggia San Michele #Sirolo #Marche


Trani #Puglia

It’s officially summer vacation! We stopped for lunch on the way to our vacation rental in Trani, a small coastal town in Puglia, and ate at Corte in Fiori. This is Trani’s cathedral.

La Sartoria Gastronomica #Bologna

Another decent burger joint in Bologna that opened about four months ago in Piazza Aldrovandi. Like Well Done, they didn’t ask how we would like the burger cooked and it came out well… Continue reading

Goods from La Salumeria #Bologna

Carote sott’olio and Bella di Cerignola olives from Puglia.

Rainbow over Sette Chiese #Bologna

Mexican-inspired Birthday

We celebrated a friend’s birthday with some homemade Mexican-inspired dishes, including guacamole, salsa packed with cilantro, fried plantains, and lemon grass margaritas. So good! Cilantro is one of the things I miss most.… Continue reading

Rock climbing in Nago

View of Lake Garda from the top of our first route Loved the name of this route! It reminds me of Luca Spaghetti from Eat, Pray, Love. Luca Spaghetti is a real person… Continue reading


Warm dumpling soup at Rifugio Monte Baldo

Tagliatelle ai funghi

Pasta with mushrooms makes the body warm on a chilly summer evening at Rifugio Monte Baldo

Charlie Chaplin under the Stars

The free nightly movies have started in Piazza Maggiore. Last night was some Charlie Chaplin movies. The silent movies were accompanied by a live orchestra — che bello!